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Our goal is to provide people who are interested in the benefits and effects of CBD with a source of knowledge about it.  We aim to better understand the claimed medicinal benefits and medicinal effects of CBD. Cannabidiol benefits humans and animals. We have provided many videos to help explain the benefits and effects of this alternative medicine.

We have categorized the effects and benefits of CBD in the navigation menu based on ailments. There are also general informational videos about benefits of this compound to help with a general understanding .


What you should know about CBD

  • There are no intoxicating effects from using CBD based products.
  • The US HHS (Health and Human services)  holds a patent on the use of CBD for its medicinal benefits. US Patent 6630507  awarded in 2003 classifies cannabinoids as NEURON PROTECTANTS and ANTIOXIDANTS
  • Anti-tumor -Antioxidant -Anti-psychotic- Stress Reducing – Anti-Inflammatory- Neuron-Protectant – Help Prevent Heart Damage
  • CBD is an natural compound of the cannabis plant and can make up to 40 percent of the plants extract.
  • Businesses infuse cannabidiol into food or drinks as another way of ingesting the medicine.
  • Doctors recommend for dosing  to start out small at about 3mg per serving and increase slowly . However, average dose is between 12 and 200 + mg daily.  Higher dosages are not uncommon. Up to 700 mg dosage has been studied without any negative side effects according to one doctor.
  • Most people claim when you ingest CBD , it works within the hour, but some claim it can take more than a month before any noticeable benefits. The amount of Cannabidiol in their product was not specified.  Higher concentration of CBD will help to obtain faster results. We recommend Cannabidiol products with high doses of Cannabidiol in them for a faster medicinal benefit or effects.
  • More benefits are derived from Cannabidiol when it is ingested vs smoked. However, smoking provides a faster delivery of the Cannabidiol molecule.  If a person smokes it, Cannabidiol will exit the blood stream faster when smoked.
  • Patients and doctors claim Cannabidiol has completely CURED many ailments and diseases. The FDA does not like the word cure.
  • FDA finally decides to allow trial runs of CBD even though there are already patents and existing medicines made from  hemp. The FDA acts like they are unaware of the benefits. Maybe the FDA is acting like they do not know because they should be prosecuted for negligence if they did.
  • Some claim that Cannabidiol saved many lives who were told they have only a few days to live.
  • Cannabidiol is working when other pharmaceutical drugs just make things worse.
  • Cannabidiol is recommended by some doctors for everyone to take as a preventative even without have any ailments.
  • The human body has CBD receptors in it . Even our organs and brain are waiting for a CBD molecule . This  is called the endocannabinoid system, and was found in the early 90s by doctors studying THC. This system is described as a chemical communications system in the body,but does more than just communicate. According to doctors, for example, it tells cancer cells to kill themselves. That’s some strong communication, a property of Cannabidiol is that it is Anti-tumor .
  • There are massive amounts of positive clinical studies on benefits and effects of Cannabidiol.
  • We have not seen one negative clinical study of Cannabidiol.
  • CBD is showing amazing results on pets including dogs, cats and even horsesf
  • The administration of Cannabidiol products on babies and adults show tremendous medicinal benefits.
  • The hemp plant can be used to produce oil and fuel so it is a threat to the oil business
  • The hemp plant is a threat to the paper business as it produces more biological mass than other plants

CBD benefits and effects on the following :

The benefits and effects of Cannabidiol cover a large variety of ailments including but not limited to :

  • Acne, Addictive Behavior, Alzheimer’s, Analgesia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Appetite, Arthritis, Autism, Bi-Polar, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Pain, Cognitive Impairment, Depression, Diabetes, Dementia, Dravet Syndrome, Epilepsy, Fibromialgia, Memory, Menstrual Cramps, Mood,Multiple Sclerosis,Muscle Spasm,Nausea, Neurological Disorders,Night Sweats, Head Ache, Heart Health, High Blood Pressure, IBS, Immunomodulation, Immune System, Inflammation, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Lung Cancer, migraine, Neck Ache, Neuro-degeneration, Oxidative Stress, Panic Attack, Parkinson’s, PTSD, Rheumatoid Arthritis,skin cancer, Sleep Disorders, Social Anxiety, Stress, Seizures, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Turrets and more.
  • Cannabidiol is recommended by some doctors for everyone to take as a  general preventative .
  • Cannabidiol also has the following attributes : Anti-tumor -Antioxidant -Anti-psychotic- Stress Reducing – Anti-Inflammatory- Neuron-Protectant – Help Prevent Heart Damage

Warning  – Fake CBD Oil For Sale from U.S.  & Worldwide Companies

The FDA is cracking down on the US businesses. Unfortunately there are many test of claimed Cannabidiol products from companies in the USA and worldwide that are failing.  Many companies are selling Cannabidiol products with less than printed amounts of Cannabidiol in their products. In fact, many products had absolutely no cannabinoids present in them at all .

For that reason, we have compiled a list of safe and lab tested sources of  CBD products for sale online. These are reputable vendors who meet our highest standards.  Organic, Certifications, Batch Testing, Labeling , Third Party Lab Testing, Excellent Customer Reviews.

We look at a few other standards before we decide to allow them into the directory. In fact one CBD oil company we recommend offers an unconditional  90 day money back guarantee of their products. They are also providing certified lab tested guarantee analysis of their products. Please view the ( CBD Oil For Sale ) section to view businesses that we think are safe to purchase Cannabidiol oil or other related products from.

What kind of CBD products are there ?

So far, we have come across many products containing CBD.  Cannabidiol is available in the following forms : Capsules, gummy candies, chocolates, cakes, oils, vapes, creams , lotions, pure CBD crystal. There are also flavored and non-flavored CBD products. Companies  infuse honey, turmeric or other beneficial products with CBD too. Some products you choose how much CBD you want in the product.

The prices of CBD products can differ from company to company. Some price fluctuation has to do with other ingredients or manufacturing processes involved with the development of the product. For example,if you purchase a pre-filled vape pen, you are paying for more than just the Cannabidiol.  Some of the products are kosher and even vegan. On the other hand, some of the chocolates gummies and cakes are just delicious!

high dosage cbd oil products for sale
Please view the ( CBD Oil For Sale ) section to view businesses that we think are safe to purchase Cannabidiol related products from.

Are there any adverse effects of CBD ?

Scientifially there is  proof that the human body and animals tolerate CBD very well. However, there are reports of tiredness, diarrhea and decreased appetite as being the negative side effects. However, if you are taking Cannabidiol to help sleep, then that is not an adverse effect. If your dosage is making you too tired take less, but promoting sleep is one benefit of Cannabidiol.

Check back often for new  information and sources of CBD

We are constantly updating and looking for more information, uses and benefits of Cannabidiol. When we find more benefits of Cannabidiol and more effects of Cannabidiol we will post the information. For questions comments or input, leave us a message in our contact page. Make sure your contact information is correct so we can get back to you.

We are looking for more sources

If you are a business who wants to have your products put in our directory,contact us from the contact form. We will review your business and cover the requirements. If you meet the requirements we will  place your company in the directory. Make sure your contact information is correct so we can get back to you.

Thank you

Finally , we hope this site is useful to research the medicinal benefits and effects CBD has on the body. The FDA does not want us to call Cannabidiol a cure.  It shows amazing results in patients all over the world, young and elder. This site will help you to make more informed decisions about the use of Cannabidiol based products. Cannabidiol helps symptoms or ailments that general pharmaceutical drugs are not doing a good job of regulation. Please share the information.