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CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

News clips pointing out the benefits and effects of CBD oil and CBD products : CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

In the above news clips found online, you will find CBD oil has amazing abilities benefits and effects on a wide range of ailments,but CBD oil benefits and effects are not limited to just the claims in these videos.

  • The following videos cover the multiple benefits of CBD marijuana based products.
  • FDA approves experimental CBD based drug to treats seizures. The drug has already had success.
  •  CBD oils and topical creams benefits skin conditions Eczema, sun burns, psoriasis
  • CBD helping with head ache neck ache joint pain.
  • Claims that CBD oil is saving lives.
  • US Department of health and human services holds a patent on CBD and cannabinoids and are listed as antioxidant and neuro-protectants. HHS holds a patent on to use CBD and cannabinoids on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s ,auto immune diseases like crones and HIV. 
  • The potential health benefits of CBD are many.
  • As far back as the 1930, there were medical hemp tinctures in most pharmacies in the USA.
  • CBD is even being used for dogs and cats.
  • FDA is cracking down on labeling of the CBD products.
  • CBD is a great alternative for states who have not legalized the use of medical marijuana.
  • One family flew from
  • Brazil to thank a medical marijuana company for helping their daughters seizures.
  • 18 year old Autistic boy communicates his first word after medical marijuana and his seizures stopped.
  • Cannabidiol and medical marijuana are proving to be rays of light and hope for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News


CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News high dosage cbd oil products for sale

CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

The overall message from doctors who have studied the benefits and effects of CBD  are positive. The doctors and patients involved with the use of CBD oil have all shown powerful medicinal results and even a complete reversal of patient problems in some claims.

CBD seems to be a claimed cure for many people around the world. Many people are claiming to be finding help by using CBD oils or other products containing CBD. As well, doctors and test are proving the claims in many documented and clinical trials. Important note : majority claim that there are almost immediate benefits. However, some claim that it took a week or longer than a month before they noticed the benefits or effects of CBD.

Benefits and effects of CBD oil or CBD products include but are not limited to the following :

  • Acne, Addictive Behavior, Alzheimer’s, Analgesia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Appetite, Arthritis, Autism, Bi-Polar, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Pain, Cognitive Impairment, Depression, Diabetes, Dementia, Dravet Syndrome, Epilepsy, Fibromialgia, Memory, Menstrual Cramps, Mood,Multiple Sclerosis,Muscle Spasm,Nausea, Neurological Disorders,Night Sweats, Head Ache, Heart Health, High Blood Pressure, IBS, Immunomodulation, Immune System, Inflammation, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Lung Cancer, migraine, Neck Ache, Neurodegeneration, Oxidative Stress, Panic Attack, Parkinson’s, PTSD, Rheumatoid Arthritis,Skin Cancer, Sleep Disorders, Social Anxiety, Stress, Seizures, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Turrets and more.
  • Doctors recommend CBD as a preventative. Even if you do not have any ailments, you should take it to help keep you that way.
  • Cannabidiol also has the following attributes : Anti-tumor -Antioxidant -Anti-psychotic- Stress Reducing – Anti-Inflammatory-Help Prevent Heart Damage. CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

Cannabidiol is a very versatile medicinal substance because the human body and organs contain internal receptors for a CBD molecule our body makes naturally. The human made CBD molecules are endocannabinoids which naturally degrade quickly. ( See The Endocannabinoid System ECS )  CBD from cannabis fits in the same spots that CBD from our body fits in. CBD Oil Benefits and Uses on the News

CBD works on a lot of basic body functions that help with many more functions.  A couple of examples  are the anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties of CBD oil and CBD products.  Inflammation can happen in different parts of the body including the brain.

CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

If there is inflammation in the brain, symptoms will be different than those of inflammation in a muscle.  However, because CBD crosses the blood brain barrier it is able to stop the inflammation in the brain. As well, it stops the symptoms of inflammation in the brain. The same CBD would stop the symptoms of muscle inflammation like a muscle spasm. Therefore, a person with inflammation in the brain will benefit from CBD  and a person with muscle spasms will also benefit. Hence, the same medicine can be used for different medical  problems or conditions. CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News .

The only negative comments about CBD oil have been made by doctors who are not familiar with CBD at all.  The uneducated doctors about CBD and even opponents of medical marijuana or cannabis have a familiar theme.  That is “We don’t know enough about it.” As if they are trying to learn themselves, and they use the word  “we” as in all of mankind. They speak like there are no studies on it .They act like the mass amount of global success people have had by taking this natural product at home does not exist. They are unaware . CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

To better understand how CBD oil works with the body, we have compiled some general informational videos. These videos are educational  about why and how CBD oil works with the body. We aim to answer the question of “Why does CBD oil work for so many ailments symptoms and diseases ?”. You will understand this by understanding the endocannabinoid system. Found in the early 90’s by doctors studying effects of THC. CBD Oil is really looking like a miracle from a miraculous plant.

CBD oil is for sale everywhere. The first thing to know about this new market is there is already fake CBD products on the market. So you need to be careful for CBD oil scams. Cannabidiol is recommended by some doctors for everyone to take as a preventative even if you do  not have any ailments.

CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

If you look at the FDA site https://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm484109.htm , you will notice the FDA has done test on dozens of CBD products from different companies and has found staggering contradictions in the amount of CBD claimed to be in the product vs the amount of CBD actually in the product. However, we did find one company that had been tested by the FDA , and its product actually contained more CBD than claimed. Some companies tested with no CBD at all with results of “negative for cannabinoids”, while others had only trace amounts. Hence, we thought it a good idea to find real cbd oil companies. Finally, the FDA cannot deny the benefits of CBD oil any longer.

CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

Many companies tested just short of their claims.  Some companies do not even put the amount of CBD contained in their products. However, we have done some research into finding some more CBD companies that offer real CBD oil and CBD products. These companies have positive reviews and hold quality as a virtue. To see the list of companies we have examined and trust so far please see our Recommended CBD Oil Vendors Section .To become a recommended vendor please contact us

CBD Oil Benefits & Effects on the News

Cannabidiol in general seems to have proven itself to many doctors and users of CBD oil . CBD has a positive effect on  many ailments including seizures and epilepsy in adults,children and even animals. Many doctors are claiming that CBD oil effects are beneficial for their patients to the point of completely eliminating symptoms in some patients but instantly having massive beneficial effects.

Some epilepsy patients and doctors claim to have better luck with natural CBD oil. They claim it is better than any of the multiple prescription drugs. For more information on the claims that CBD oil has on epilepsy and seizures please see the section in this site that covers the benefits and effects of CBD oil  and CBD products on seizures and epilepsy . Finally,  CBD oil for seizures and epilepsy are that CBD oil reduces seizures even in the most severe cases.